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We offer the complete range of content related services:
Conceptualisation and planning
Writing and editing content for web, multimedia, SMM
Writing and editing content for print, books, magazines
A feature-rich content management system for updating websites and intranets


The big idea

With the increasing reach of the internet, a company’s audience is now more geographically dispersed and demographically divergent than ever before in history. TIC recognises the importance of communicating the right message, keeping in mind tone and manner, medium and audience-appropriate language. We work hand-in-hand with the client to structure, polish and perfect the communication.

Our editorial team is one of the best in the country and we excel in writing for a range of vastly different media — from social networks and intranets, to management books and marketing collateral.

Our study and regular research in the areas of marketing and communication enables us to devise appropriate strategies for delivering your message to your target audience, be it investors, customers, channel partners, or the community at large. Our core skills in structuring, writing and presenting information attractively and effectively facilitate the implementation of these communication strategies. From concept to delivery we work with you to get the message right.

We provide the following editorial services:

Editorial services
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