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Our multimedia services

Some of the projects in which we have effectively used text, sound, animation, and interactivity to add power to the communication are:
Corporate presentations
Product demonstrations
Promotional AVs
E-books, e-mailers


Enhance and engage

We love telling stories, having animated conversations and getting your message across using the wonderful new technologies now available. Come to us whenever you need to communicate with your audience in an engaging, entertaining and effective manner.

Multimedia brings together our expertise in content, design, and software in
the creation of spectacular products. What makes our work effective is the quality processes and practices we follow:
We spend time in understanding your purpose and how best to convey it.
We keep abreast of the latest technologies in design.
We regularly study global best practices in all areas of our work.
Our team members have worked with various audiences and know how to reach out to them.


For quick query, contact:
+91-22-2756 4536