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Brand Assets Management System

Technical details


Expertise in the design and development of relational databases in MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access and MySQL.


For a variety of applications in .NET, ASP, VB, JavaScripts and PHP.


Readymade converters, calculators and other utilities.



TeamStar is a browser-based software package created by The Information Company to help organizations manage their brand-related assets.

Who will find it useful?

Marketing managers, brand managers, product managers.
Advertising agencies and creative agencies.
Corporate communication managers.
Small enterprises.


TeamStar offers a wide range of online facilities that can help managers save time and money and complete tasks faster and better. Its key benefits are storing, housekeeping, sharing, searching and displaying files online. The files can be shared with people inside and outside the organisation, with different levels of access rights assigned to them. Users can create their own websites.


Secure, password-protected. Individuals can log in to their profiles and access files wherever they are.
Maintain address book for sharing and communication.
Upload files.
Creating sections and sub-sections.
Various display formats.
Making sections password-protected or public. Access to closed sections can be assigned by the administrator.
Share files with people inside and outside the organisation, with different levels of access rights.
Allow users to create their own internal websites.
Share downloadable files with colleagues, vendors, channel partners, major customers – permanently or temporarily (as when a vendor needs to access a file for a period of time during a project).
Forward files to colleagues, vendors, channel partners, major customers.
Send task alerts to other users.
Online chats and e-conferencing.
Hosted option.


Companies: can share information and files with colleagues, vendors, channel partners, major customers; this improves efficiency and reduces costs.
Agencies: besides sharing within the organisation, TeamStar can be used to store client information and files, and to give clients access to creative work drafts; reduces clutter and confusion.
Vendors: Perfect platform for displaying work, recording interactions and expanding businesses. It is cost-effective and gives professionals a business-like online presence.
Small enterprises: can use TeamStar as an intranet. It can be built quickly and is customisable.

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