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What we offer

In addition to all the standard codes that are written for normal business and e-commerce websites, we provide software to web-enabled business processes in knowledge management, marketing and sales, HR, communication, and logistics.

Online Media Room

Online Media Room

The Online Media Room is a software package created by The Information Company for interaction with media people online.

Who will find it useful

Corporate communication managers.
Marketing communication managers.
Investment relations managers.
Public relations / communication agencies.


The Online Media Room offers a range of online facilities that can help managers save a considerable of time and money while being able to do more. It makes interactions with media persons easier, while disseminating company information and views to a wide audience.


Secure, password-protected.
Multi-user, multi-location capabilities.
Maintain address book of media persons.
Save content (press releases, brochures, and other collateral) online.
Create attractive index pages for main content list and section indexes (press releases, speeches, presentations, images, even timetable, etc). Display your content in a user-friendly and pleasant design.
Upload content directly to the website anytime and from anywhere through our easy-to-use content management system.
Share with all or share with some, depending on:
  need (as determined by a manager).
  request (made by media persons).
Create and send newsletters to media persons and others.
Send news alerts to media persons.
Maintain a gallery of downloadable company images of use to the media. (A full-fledged version of this is another product from The Information Company — the Virtual Showroom, a unique multimedia showcase for a company's products and services, which can serve as an effective online exhibition of the organisation’s products and services.)
Appointment diary and planner with facility.
  to get requests for interviews from media persons, check, confirm and block time.
  to inform media persons of the opportunity for interviews, check, confirm and block time.
Online chats and e-conferencing.
Hosted option.

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