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TIC Online Recruitment Management System

What we offer

In addition to all the standard codes that are written for normal business and e-commerce websites, we provide software to web-enabled business processes in knowledge management, marketing and sales, HR, communication, and logistics.

Online Recruitment Management System

TIC Online Recruitment Management System

The TIC Online Recruitment Management System is a software package created by The Information Company for facilitating an organisation’s recruitment process.

Who will find it useful?

HR departments.
Department heads.
HR / search consultants.


The Online Recruitment Management System offers a range of features that can help managers avoid hassles and save a huge amount of time they would otherwise have to spend on the recruitment process.


HR management
Secure, password-protected.
Multi-user, multi-location capabilities, with different rights (which department or division can place vacancy notice for which positions and locations).
Create forms for different categories of applicants — and ensure that corresponding entries are made in vacancy notices and lists published on the website.
Create vacancy notice online.
They should also be able to sort the enquiries for analysis and further action.
Create filters to help selectors sort through applications.
Create filters that will automatically weed out applications that do not meet stipulated criteria — thus avoiding wastage of time on irrelevant or flippant applicants.
Display vacancy notices online, in simple or classified (department-, division-, location-wise) form.
Allow site visitors to search for relevant notices.
Allow applicants to fill applications online and send them along with attachments.
Store information in a database.
View applications, and print.
Search applications on the basis of given criteria, sort, display in easy-to-use format; convert to spreadsheet or PDF format.
Send automatic emails to applicants where required.
Check efficiency of response to the applications.

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