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Save time, hassles

According to Delphi Research, "a surprising number of people spend at least the equivalent of a full work day per week trying to find electronic information. Over 60% say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their search experience."

Estimates of cost in terms of lost productivity vary from $18,000 a year per employee to $24,000, not including overhead and lost opportunity costs.

Research has shown that employees of companies spend between a fifth and a quarter of their time looking for information on the Web, downloading and saving it and then trying to manage it. Half the time, they don’t get what they want, and most of the time they are unable to manage the information well. Organyze 2.1 provides a solution that saves time, effort and money.

Organyze 2.1

Get more mileage from your computer

Organyze 2.1 helps you get greater mileage from your computer by helping you manage your content (files, folders and emails) more efficiently, and finding what you need very, very fast.

Result: You save a huge amount of time; you also make greater use of all the content in your computer

How does Organyze 2.1 do this?

Organyze 2.1 helps you create and attach labels (and other tags – bookmarks, comments) to your files (any type of file, from Word, Excel and Power Point to photo, video and audio – and more). The labels make finding files very easy – it doesn’t matter where the files are saved; Organyze finds them in an instant. This is much, much faster than doing a keyword search or manually hunting through folders and sub-folders for files you need. You save a huge amount of time!

By retrieving files through labels, Organyze 2.1 also enables you to find important files or emails you may have forgotten about. That definitely add greater value to your computing. Also, you spend less time trying to figure out where you might have saved some files. Organyze fetches them instantly from wherever they are.

It also allows you to add comments to files, which you can see without opening the files. This means you can write descriptions about the file contents, about what others have said about them, or even detailed captions for photographs. Then, when you need the files, you just ask Organyze to search by keywords through the comments! You can add value to your files.

No other software allows you to do this on the Windows desktop.

Automatic back-up: What’s more, Organyze 2.1 helps you automatically back up all your files and folders daily without you doing anything (you have to configure it once). It also lets you back them up online to keep them doubly safe. Also, Organyze also lets you synchronise your folders with another machine. This is useful for those who use the same files at home and at the office or switch between a desktop and laptop or netbook.

Tagging made easy

Organyze makes tagging (attaching bookmarks, labels and comments to) your files, folders and emails very, very easy. You can attach labels, bookmarks and comments, in so many different ways:
To a selection of files or folders in a list you call in the Organyze window.
To a selection of files or folders in Windows Explorer.
To MS Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Outlook) while you are working in these programs.
To a web page while you are saving it to your machine.

You can apply a label or bookmark simultaneously to many files (up to about 25, depending on their size) in Windows Explorer or any number of files (even, say, 5,000) in the Organyze window. So if your files are organised with some basic classification method, you should be able to label a large number of your older files and folders in a short period.
The labeling system is superior to anything else you have seen. For more details, visit

There is much more to these features — you will find the info on the website — For example, tips on labeling and comments, and how to use the software for your specific needs.

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