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Aditya Birla Group — Social Media

The client

The Aditya Birla Group (ABG) is a leading Indian conglomerate with businesses that span a variety of verticals such as cement, metal, carbon black and textiles in 35 countries. The Group has a workforce of over 120,000 employees in belonging to 42 nationalities. A US $43-billion corporation, ABG is in the League of Fortune 500 companies.

The brief

Today, social media can make or break a brand. In dynamic times such as these, the Aditya Birla Group wanted to create an image as a young and dynamic brand which is in sync with today’s world. With a tagline like ‘Big In Your Life’, the brief was to create a communication strategy which highlights the brands diverse businesses, showcases its technological prowess and the Group’s presence in everyday life. Another important motive was to attract millennial talent and establish the group and its leaders as thought leaders in the industry.

The outcome

With a series of campaigns with varied objectives and a different target audience, we have managed to portray ABG as a brand which is young and dynamic. In the past six months, the engagement rates and fan base across all social media platforms has seen an exponential growth.

Our award winning campaign, ‘Manufacturing Runs The World’, helped the brand project manufacturing as a cool and happening career choice for millennials.

Through a series of videos and posts, we gave credit where it was due. We interacted with the people on ABG’s shop floors and highlighted their passion for their work. We concluded each video with employees asserting: “I work in manufacturing, I run the world.”

To inspire a love for township life we highlighted the wonderful aspects of living in a township. We focused on the beauty, the quiet and the close friendships that townships foster. With Boomerangs, bloopers, interpretive dances and even talking deer, we captured life in an ABG manufacturing plant. This captured the fun and exciting aspects of working in a captive manufacturing plant.

The campaign portrayed manufacturing at ABG in a brand new light. Employees also felt renewed pride in their jobs and at being a part of the ABG family. The number of job enquiries through comments on posts and direct messages increased and overall it helped in upping the ‘cool’ quotient of manufacturing as a career.

The campaign won the Award of Distinction at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards.

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Launch of TAMO, Tata Motors’ new sub brand


Tata Motors is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks and defence vehicles. Its marque can be found on and off-road in over 175 countries around the globe. The Tata Motors family includes Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Daewoo.


Tata Motors wanted to launch TAMO on digital media and establish its own unique identity while keeping its connect with the parent brand. The mandate involved an initial campaign to create a buzz around TAMO while maintaining confidentiality and not allowing a hint of its connection to the company. The next step was to unleash the new sub-brand on social media with maximum impact on the day of the launch event (Feb 2nd 2017).


To create a buzz about an upcoming announcement, we did a series of teasers which only specified the date of the event. These teasers followed the TAMO design pattern and were designed to spark interest and curiosity. Viewers engaged in conversations as they tried to guess. The teaser phase saw huge engagement with a lot of positive comments towards the brand.

On the day of the event, we continued to build up the excitement with a few hints as to what this launch would mean for the Indian automotive industry. We live tweeted during the event and as soon as TAMO was launched, we launched the TAMO social media handles.

The buzz creation and the campaign ultimately led to three hashtags trending organically on Twitter on the day of the event.

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