Content marketing strategy for Aditya Birla
Group at the TedX Gateway Salon event

Client: Aditya Birla Group

A global conglomerate with a large presence in a wide range of sectors – metals, pulp and fibre, chemicals, textiles, carbon black, telecom, cement, financial services, fashion retail, renewable energy, and more.

About TedX Gateway Salon

'Breaking Barriers' is an annual in-person TEDxSalon event that brings you ideas and stories of some of the world's most extraordinary women. The theme of the event highlights the unconventional pursuits of these women, who are prominent researchers, philanthropists, technologists, educators, environmentalists, scientists, artists, and activists. They stand up against social injustice and help humanity chart new heights with their passion, vision, and grit.

On 18th November, 2022, these iconic speakers enthralled us with their unique stories, experiences, and expressions of art and spark ideas and conversations that left us inspired - the hallmark of the TEDx experience.

The speakers were:

  •  Jaya Row - Spiritual Leader
  •  Jessie Christiansen - Planet Hunter
  •  Kajal Odedra - Author and Activist
  •  Sadam Hanjabam - Inclusion and Diversity Advocate
  •  Seema Anand - Mythologist and Storyteller
  •  Shweta Narayan - Global Climate and Health Campaigner
  •  Srishti Bakshi - Women's Rights Advocate
  •  Shefali Shah - Actor
  •  Vikas Khanna - Filmmaker and Chef

The Objective

  •  To frame and execute a content marketing strategy for the TedX Gateway Salon event sponsored by the Group in Mumbai on 18th November, 2022.
  •  To cover crucial aspects of the event – interviews with key speakers, session highlights, event prep, view of Group delegates, etc.
  •   To showcase the speakers’ quotable quotes and inspire people to ‘break barriers’
  •  To create a buzz around the event and build brand equity.
  •  To create a buzz about an upcoming announcement, we did a series of teasers which only specified the date of the event. These teasers followed the TAMO design pattern and were designed to spark interest and curiosity. Viewers engaged in conversations as they tried to guess. The teaser phase saw huge engagement with a lot of positive comments towards the brand.

The Challenge

The time to design and execute a strong online and offline strategy was limited. The campaign had to be effective across several social media platforms, as well as internal communication platforms. It had to attract people and encourage them to attend the event or view online. It had to have a high recall rate through an engaging sustenance plan.

The Approach

Basis the brief received, the team laid out a strong online strategy plan. The communication plan was divided into 3 phases – pre-event, the day of the event, and post event. The objectives for each of the phases were clearly defined by the team and a precise road map was developed. The communication/content plan was framed keeping in mind the tempo, the tonality that was required and the audience engagement expected through each phase.

The event was covered on-field by the TIC team through all the 3 phases. Our team was successful in conducting interviews to gathering footage from all corners of the event – audience, speakers, stage, venue, systematically creating on the spot content, planning the content for the coming days and executing the plan by strategically solving on-field challenges.

Pre-event coverage included short interviews with selected speakers. The questions were framed so as to bring out the best of their context and narrative. A BTS video was captured to build a buzz around the event.

The day of the event was captured in a series of posts, including event coverage, speaker line-up, bytes of the delegates who attended, views of the audience. The communication was aspirational and relatable.

The post event sustenance plan covered a series of posts with speaker quotes and video bytes. The entire campaign covered a sustained social media coverage, speaker creatives, live coverage banter, four videos – Behind The Scene, Speaker interviews, Delegate interviews and Wrap-up video.

The Result

The engagement received excellent traction across social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The engagement received on Instagram was 200k views on average and the reach was massive. On Facebook, we garnered 5k+ likes for the announcement posts and stories. People shared their personal stories of identifying their own barriers and gathering the courage to break them, with us on the two platforms.

The #BigInYourLife , #MakeTheFutureCount concepts were a success as the strategy, design, content marketing plan and execution was highly focused and appreciated by the client as well as the audience.

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