#HindalcoKaSalaam, Hindalco's Social
Media Campaign

Client: Aditya Birla Group


Hindalco is the world's largest aluminium rolling and recycling company, and a major copper producer. The brief was to create a social media campaign for Independence Day that ignites patriotism and showcases how Hindalco's aluminium serves the nation.


The campaign needed to link the Hindalco brand with patriotism, nation-building and development. The aim was to make B2B and B2C audiences aware about how Hindalco's aluminium is present everywhere and how it makes our lives better.


Our aim was to make people aware of the different ways in which Hindalco has empowered economic growth and social wellbeing. We created four videos that showcased how aluminum is present everywhere and the major role it plays in the country.

The four videos highlighted how aluminium strengthens the transport sector, makes homes better, and plays a major role in the medical and defense sector as well. From food grade foils, window sills, car wheels, buses, and Covid-19 vaccine vials to defense applications, airplanes and space programmes, there isn't much that aluminium isn't present in.

We launched the fifth and final video on Independence Day which thanked the nation for making Hindalco its partner in every step of the way and for giving the company a chance to serve the nation.


The videos were extremely well received by the audience since it instilled a great sense of belonging amongst employees. The campaign received great engagement through organic as well as sponsored routes. It also brought in tons of positive comments, shares, and likes.


"We planned to do a small video series showcasing how Hindalco is a solution provider to the country, growing each day with it, while also supporting nation building. Conceptualised by Team TIC, it came through very well in this series of videos. An inspiring campaign, it received a lot of appreciation and support from followers and audiences. We plan to keep doing such good work with Team TIC in the future."
— Charu Gouniyal, Head-Corporate Communications, Hindalco Industries Ltd.

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