Coromandel E-learning Video

Project: E-learning videos for sales teams


Create a series of e-learning modules to train the sales team and enhance their knowledge about Coromandel's key products and best agricultural practices. The videos had to be fun, engaging and help the team learn and retain information.



Simplifying, de-jargonising and keeping viewers hooked

The challenge was to create a visually appealing and interactive e-learning course from content that had a lot of technical data. Simplifying the content and de-jargonising the concepts for those new to the business was the ask.

The content had to be engaging to sustain the user's interest till the end and break the monotony that comes with traditional e-learning modules.

The videos also had to subtly establish the brand and help create quick recall of certain elements to improve the learning experience and meet a certain standard.

We had to produce e-learning content at a rapid pace, with no compromise on quality or consistency!


The team at first thoroughly studied and researched the concepts to create content that was easy to understand and retain.

To meet the tight delivery deadline, we maintained production efficiency. We put together a comprehensive process: created a detailed screenplay in a storyboard format with customised visual references for the client to get the complete understanding of our concept. This helped the client to take quick decisions and make iterations where necessary.

We developed a humanised central character, by reusing their already well-established mascot, to connect, standardise, establish brand recall and add excitement to e-learning. We created interesting illustrations and animations tailormade to the content. Voice-over and text-on-screen were included to improve content retention and minimise fatigue.

Interesting interactive learning elements such as acronyms, quizzes and gamification were used to keep the users engaged and facilitate learning. The modules were 'programmed' to deliver instant feedback to questions.


Our humanised mascot not only helped in delivering content but also became a branding asset for the company. The interactive quizzes and gamification kept the users engaged.

This e-learning module was a part of the internal communication for which the company won an industry award.

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