Aditya Birla Group Social Media Campaign


To create a video campaign for social media on International Women's Day 2021 that promotes Aditya Birla Group's (ABG) work culture of diversity and inclusion.



It was important for the video to stand out and cut through the social media clutter on media-intensive days like International Women's Day. The entire video process had to be done in a short span of 10 days.


We create a 1.25-minute video campaign that showcased women breaking common gender stereotypes in different day to day scenarios. For the video, we created a storyboard depicting emotions the characters needed to convey.

'Haath Uthaoon Kya?' (Should I raise my hand?) is common phrase that indicates violence and abuse. We turned this phrase into a positive one that encourages women to raise their hand. Not in violence or self-defense, but to assert their rights.

The video shows women being disregarded at workplace and other day to day social situations such as being brushed aside when catching a cab, ignored during a discussion on sports, and more. In every scenario, the women ask themselves 'Haath Uthaoon Kya?' This internal dialogue encourages women to step forward and make their presence known and their opinions heard.

The video was posted on ABG's website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and was also shared on WhatsApp.


The video garnered 1.1 million views on YouTube. It struck a chord with the audience worldwide and resonated strongly with them while also amassing tons of organic traffic.

The video won three awards. It won bronze under the 'Best Use of a Video by a Corporate or Brand' category at the Velocity Awards 2021. The video also won 'The Great Indian Video Content Marketing' award at The Great Indian Marketing Awards 2021. Additionally, it also bagged Platinum at the 15th Annual Hermes Creative Awards under the 'Social Media' sub-category 'Social Video.'


"#HaathUthanaZarooriHai is about women choosing to not hold back. It's about choosing to challenge doubt, to raise our hand, take that step, make our voice louder, shore up our inner confidence, go for it! The video takes forward the Aditya Birla Group's values of diversity, inclusion, respect and empowerment, as well as being a very relatable statement for women. We are happy that TIC executed our vision so powerfully.".
— Group Communications & Brand, Aditya Birla Group

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