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How can we safeguard ourselves                 software. Today’s smartphones come
               against identity theft? / What are the         loaded with fingerprint sensors that
               safeguards against identity theft? /           allow only a single user to unlock the
               Safeguards                                     smartphone, and all leading smartphone
                                                              makers are reporting sharp increases in
               Linking bank accounts to biometric-            the sale of fingerprint-enabled
               based identification is the best security      smartphones. Estimates are that more
               against identity theft. Biometric-based        than a billion fingerprint scanner-
               recognition is completely personalised         equipped phones will be shipped
               and unique to each individual. It includes     throughout the world in 2018.
               identification by:
                                                              The future of biometric, to make it a more
                  Fingerprints                               consumable technology for the masses,
                  Handprints                                 lies in wearables, for instance, something
                  Eye scans                                  as small as a biometric ring that stores all
                  Voice recognition                          your passwords and card data. This ring
                  Advanced facial recognition                can help you pay with a single touch
                                                              through RFID technology. The security

               You may lose your debit or credit cards,       here lies in the fingerprint of the user –
               change your address, forget your               the ring scans the fingerprint at the time
               passwords, tweak your signature, look          of insertion. If the fingerprint is a match,
               different from your photo, but as long as      the ring becomes active to pay; in the
               your information is linked to your             hands of a thief or fraudster, it would be
               biometrics, you are safe.                      inactive. This will also help users to carry
                                                              less cash and cards on their person and
               Most immigration authorities around the        thus, reduce the chances of losing these.
               world today use biometrics to identify         The biometric ring could also be used for
               visitors. It is increasingly being seen as     authentication at other places – such as
               far more secure than passwords or              check-in counters at airports, bank
               passcodes and much more so than                withdrawal windows, payments at stores,
               conventional methodologies of matching         etc.
               signatures or photographs.
                                                              As the use of biometric-based identity
                                                              authentication becomes more
               Is biometrics here to stay? / The              widespread, it will definitely be a step
               future                                         forward towards greater security. For the
                                                              Indian financial services sector,
               Before Aadhaar’s launch in 2010, many          biometrics will be a big hedge against
               Indians had no proof of identity that          identity theft and cyberfraud. For the
               could be recognised across this vast,          consumer, biometric-based identity
               multilingual country; now 99% of adults        authentication will offer a greater sense
               do. The increasing use of biometric            of security and peace of mind.
               identification has led to advances in
               fingerprint sensors and recognition
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