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The growth of the food processing              shop. GTFL is one such success story. It
               industry depends on based on packaging         was set up in 2008 as a joint venture
               technology and platforms. Thus, the            company between Tyson Foods USA and
               government also needs to focus on              Godrej Agrovet. Tyson Foods USA is one
               adequately developing these areas.             of the world’s largest food companies and
                                                              has expertise of the end-to-end of poultry
               Last mile cold chain continues to be a         business, while Godrej Agrovet is one of
               concern. Most shopkeepers can’t afford to      India’s leading diversified agri-business
               buy chillers or freezers, which are the        and animal feed companies. GTFL
               point of sale for cold chain products.         manufactures and markets processed
               GTFL has so far provided 2000 freezers         poultry and vegetarian products through
               to shopkeepers, but more needs to be           two brands -- Real Good Chicken (fresh,
               done. What would help is if the                chilled poultry meat) and Real Good
               government provided subsidies for store        Yummiez (ready-to-cook, vegetarian and
               owners to buy cold chain infrastructure.       non vegetarian snacking products). GTFL
                                                              has sustainably grown over the last nine
               Good days ahead                                years and expanded its presence to 82
               The way things are going, it is clear that it   cities across the country. This wouldn’t
               is a good time for the country’s food          have been possible without the policies,
               processing industry. India is a rich           transparent systems and cold chain
               agriculture resource base: it has 127          infrastructure that the company depends
               agro-climatic zones, which is among the        on.
               most in the world, and is the largest
               producer of fruit and vegetables. Given        The environment is conducive for India’s
               India’s population and the rate of growth,     food processing sector to make great
               there is a lot of scope for internal           strides. The challenge now is to see how
               consumption of produce and value added         food processing companies leverage the
               products.                                      changes in policies and available produce
               The government has also been ensuring          to make quality products not just for
               ease of business, which is evident by the      India and the world, but also make the
               growth of companies who have set up            country an export hub.
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