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GTFL - Arabind Das Speech

               By Arabind Das, COO, Godrej Tyson Foods Limited

               Tyson Foods USA is one of the world’s largest food companies and has expertise of the
               end-to-end of poultry business, backed by customised innovations programme for global
               customers and value added foods for a larger consumer base.

               Tyson Foods chose to enter India through       temperature-controlled cold chain
               a joint venture with Godrej Agrovet, one       infrastructure. While it has been said that
               of India’s leading diversified agri-           that India lacks in cold chain
               business and animal feed companies.            infrastructure, I believe that the
               Godrej Agrovet is dedicated to improving       Government of India has brought focus
               the productivity of Indian farmers by          on this area since the 10th Five Year Plan.
               innovating products and services that          The changes in government policies have
               sustainably increase crop and livestock        kept pace with technological
               yields.                                        advancements that companies have
               Godrej Tyson Foods Limited or GTFL was         adopted. This includes setting up large
               the joint venture company that was set         cold stores and using refrigerated
               up in May 2008. It manufactures and            vehicles with GPS which allows
               markets processed poultry and                  monitoring of temperature during
               vegetarian products through two brands         transportation or storage.
               -- Real Good Chicken and Real Good             Such cold chain infrastructure needs a
               Yummiez. Real Good Chicken is the              continuous supply of high quality power.
               flagship brand and offers fresh, chilled       This is being met by the availability of
               poultry meat. Real Good Yummiez offers         grid power and quality power from
               a range of ready-to-cook, vegetarian and       alternative sources.
               non vegetarian snacking products.              The adoption of Codex, the international
               GTFL has sustainably grown over the last       food standards code, by the Food Safety
               nine years and expanded its presence to        and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI
               82 cities across the country. This             has been an important step for the food
               wouldn’t have been possible without            processing industry.
               policies, transparent systems and cold
               chain infrastructure that we depend
               upon.                                          Initiatives
                                                              Make in India was one of the first crucial
                                                              programmes, which opened up the food
               Change in policies
                                                              processing sector in a big way.  The
               Over the years, the Government of India        initiative was launched in 2014 and
               has ensured ease of business and               promised to make India a global food
               transparent systems through various            processing hub.
               initiatives.  One such aspect has been
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