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A year later, the Government introduced        is the first time a programme like World
               the Skill India mission or Pradhan Mantri      Food India is happening in the country on
               Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Through this,            a large scale. We believe it will provide a
               renowned institutes with a background          platform for all stakeholders in the food
               in engineering, food and process               processing industry -- from growers and
               technology have been training people in        suppliers of agri-produce to chefs, and
               food processing techniques and food            from process equipment manufacturers
               safety. This is important because the food     to packaging equipment manufacturers.
               processing industry needs workers who          Through World Food India, all of them
               understand food safety. Earlier,               will be able to understand the
               companies such as ours would hire              opportunities that are available with
               people and then train them, but now we         respect to consumption, value addition
               have a talent pipeline which understands       and ease of doing business in India today.
               the importance of food safety.
                                                              A point worth mentioning is the
               Three new measures are also expected to        Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan which is
               boost confidence for companies to come         expected to run for at least the next three
               and set up shop in the country. The first      years. The initiative aims to create
               is that the government has opened up           awareness about food safety so that
               100 percent foreign direct investment or       manufacturers such as restaurant owners
               FDI in the trading of food products that       or even street food vendors can follow
               have been manufactured or produced in          food safety standards.
               India. This includes trading through e-
               commerce and is expected to give a boost
               to the food processing sector.                 Gaps

               The launch of Kisan Sampada Yojna in           There are still some points that require
               May 2017 has been another welcome              focus though. The first is a reduction of
               move. 6000 crore rupees have been              import duties on the technology and
               earmarked for this initiative and the          process equipment that the food
               schemes include mega food parks,               processing industry depends on. This will
               integrated cold chain and value addition       be required until we create an
               infrastructure, creation and expansion of      environment where process equipment
               food processing and preservation               manufacturers start producing locally. A
               capacities, infrastructure for agro-           similar situation was seen three decades
               processing clusters, creation of backward      ago in the dairy industry.
               and forward linkages, food safety and          Packaging technology and platforms
               quality assurance infrastructure and           should be another focus area since the
               human resources and institutions.              growth of the food processing industry
               Setting up food parks across the country       will be based on this.
               is expected to give a fillip to the food       And last but not the least, the
               processing sector. Food companies will         government should give shopkeepers
               not only receive fiscal benefits, but will     subsidies to buy cold chain infrastructure
               also have access to the requisite              which will be the point of sale for cold
               infrastructure. A lot of support is being      chain products. Most shopkeepers can’t
               seen for these mega food parks. GTFL will      afford to buy chillers or freezers for cold
               set up a ready-to-cook processing plant        chain products. GTFL has so far provided
               at a food park in Ludhiana in Punjab.          2000 freezers to shopkeepers, but last

               We as a company are very excited about         mile cold chain continues to be a concern.
               the Government’s latest programme. This
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