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Be protected, remain safe

               By Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head-Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Godrej
               Security Solutions

               Your home is your abode of peace and you must take the right measures to ensure it is
               safe and secure. Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head-Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Godrej
               Security Solutions, tells you how to protect your home with the right gadgets and

               Open the newspaper any day, and you            sound out alarms on detection of
               will find stories of house and shop break-     unauthorised entry. Video door-phones
               ins by robbers and burglars. We live in        with Wi-Fi connectivity are a boon in
               an age where crime is a reality. We can        such a scenario. These video door-
               no longer live under the impression that       phones can allow you access to the
               security is something that we can do           system over your mobile phones through
               without. It is important that we protect       internet connectivity. Even when you are
               and guard our homes against intruders.         away from home, you can speak face-to-
               Electronic gadgets and equipment               face, akin to a video call, with the person
               provide our homes with the necessary           who rings your doorbell.
               defence against such intrusions.
                                                              When someone is at home and an
               All electronic security products serve to      intruder is trying to break in
               defend, detect, deny and deter. There are      This is a particularly dangerous situation
               layers of security that can do the job of      as the intruder might be armed and may
               protecting your homes at various stages        cause harm to people inside the house.
               of entry. These range from sensors that        You can install door sensors, glass break
               are installed at the outer perimeter of the    sensors, and burglar alarm systems.
               homes to electronic safes that safely          These are wireless devices and do not
               protect your valuables inside your             require extensive cabling. They are
               homes. Broadly, you need to protect your       connected to the main panel wirelessly
               homes under three different situations:        making it easy to install and manage.
                                                              These systems have a hooter that will
               When there is no one at home                   sound a loud alarm when someone tries
               Your house is vulnerable when there is         to break into the house forcefully, thus
               no one at home because the intruder can        deterring the intruder. Home CCTVs also
               make his move without resistance from          act as a deterrent for intruders. To be
               anyone. To protect your home from              doubly secure, you can install electronic
               intruders, you can install perimeter           locks that are tamper proof.
               sensors on the outside wall of your
               premises. These will detect if anyone is       When the intruder has managed to
               trying to get in by climbing the wall and      enter in
               sound out an alarm. Also, CCTVs can help       Electronic safes equipped with burglar
               to detect if there is anyone trying to         alarm systems are the best products to
               break in. There are CCTVs that are             keep your valuables safe in the
               equipped with motion sensors which can         unfortunate event of a robbery. These
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