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safes trigger and sound alarms if they are     numbers alerting them of the danger that
               tried to be manipulated with, preventing       you are in. This is because local alarms
               any loss of your important property.           may offend the intruder and they may
               Burglar alarm systems can be installed at      harm the people inside the house. These
               specific places inside the house where         kinds of alarm systems are especially
               valuables and cash are kept so that even       useful for jewellery stores and
               if the intruder has entered the house, he      workshops.
               cannot get away with any valuables. If
               the intruder is armed and there are            With the use of technology, most
               people inside the house, it is advisable to    electronic security gadgets are equipped
               hand over all the valuables and                to keep you informed about the activities
               documents, etc. that the intruder is           in your home even when you are not
               demanding. After all, life is of utmost        around. Install the security equipment
               importance. Nevertheless, there are            and keep your home – and your family -
               electronic safes that come equipped with       protected and secure at all times.
               a duress alarm. These safes send out
               messages silently to select phone
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