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Made in India vs. Made in China? A

              consumer’s purchase dilemma

               By Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head-Marketing, Sales and Innovation, Godrej
               Security Solutions

               What’s in an origin tag? More than what you would think, says Mehernosh Pithawalla,
               head-marketing, sales and innovation, Godrej Security Solutions, as he explains just why
               Made in India beats Made in China in the security solutions game.

               Society is getting more tech-rich and            consider which product features are
               empowered, and yet we remain as                  important and required to suit your
               vulnerable to crime as before. Today’s           needs. A video door phone, for instance,
               safety and security anxieties are tied up        needs to have an indoor unit over and
               not just with personal safety, but with          above the facility of live streaming on
               safety of our homes, workplaces,                 your mobile through Wi-Fi. This is
               schools and campuses, public places              because there may be people at home
               and so on. Our need for security is              that are not tech-savvy and may not
               sharpest where it concerns our families.         know how to use it over their mobile
               Often children and older adults are              phones. The security solution should be
               vulnerable even at home. These                   a comprehensive one, i.e. one which
               concerns are what drive us when we               gives you a complete solution to your
               consider installation of security                security needs. You should be able to
               solutions at our homes.                          know what’s going on in your homes
                                                                when you are not around. There are
               Given that there are a plethora of               Chinese products in the market that
               products and solutions in the market,            have a host of features, but they may
               how then do we decide, especially when           not necessarily have the feature that
               the choice comes down to between an              you may desire. Therefore, it’s
               Indian-made product and an imported              important to be fully aware of all
               one, such as the Chinese products in the         features before buying a security
               market. When one looks at a few critical         solution.
               parameters that can be used to define
               what makes for a good security                   Who’s installing it?
               solution, the answer is clear that Indian        Home security solutions need
               brands outperform Chinese ones.                  installation and configuration. You may
                                                                be able to buy an unbranded video door
               These are the factors that need to be            phone, CCTV or a burglar alarm system
               considered when you are buying home              online or through a vendor. But it’s
               security solutions.                              important to be aware that these are
                                                                not DIY products. The installation
               Features                                         aspect is highly important as bad
               Most security systems come with a host           workmanship leads to poor
               of features, but it is important to              performance.
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