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easily available, and you are entirely
               A better option is to walk into an               dependent on the person who installed
               electronics or hardware store and buy a          the system.
               branded product. In this case, the brand
               that you buy makes the arrangements              Privacy
               for installing the product. Godrej, for          Privacy of data is an ever-increasing
               instance, offers free installation and           concern. If your home security
               configuration on all its products, thus          solutions come with a live streaming
               taking away any concerns about good              facility through the internet, this means
               workmanship. The other way of buying             that live video feed from your homes is
               is to approach a system integrator. A            being uploaded onto a server. In the
               system integrator is a vendor who has            case of Chinese products, the entire live
               the expertise to install security                feed is being uploaded to servers
               solutions products. A good systems               located in China to a manufacturer you
               integrator will work with reputed                don’t know. This exposes you to the risk
               manufacturers.                                   of cyber mischief. Live feeds from your
                                                                home can be misused or manipulated
               Certification                                    without your knowledge. In the case of
               Check for certifications. If the product         a branded Indian product like Godrej,
               that you are installing doesn’t have             you can be rest assured that the live
               certifications, you cannot be assured of         feed from your home is secure and in
               quality and performance. Simply put,             safe hands.
               there is no independent body or                  At the end of the day, the objective of a
               authority that has tested the product.           good home security solution is to
               There are various certifications                 reduce fear and anxiety, not increase
               including Underwriter Laboratories of            security concerns. All security systems
               the USA, the EL certifications in Europe,        must be considered as long-term
               and the Indian IS certifications. Chinese        investments towards safeguarding your
               products generally do not have any               loved ones and your valuables. It is
               certification. Indian companies like             important to make purchase decisions
               Godrej ensure that their products and            that take all the above aspects into
               systems are certified by the competent           consideration. Indian brands are not
               authorities before they are out in the           just made in India. They are made for
               market.                                          India – to suit local conditions and
                                                                requirements. That cannot be said for
               After-sales service                              imported brands.
               It’s a reality that all equipment needs
               maintenance; it’s also a reality that you        In the long run, it is advisable to invest
               are vulnerable when your security                in Indian products because they are
               system is not working. As is the case            reliable, secure, and customised to
               with most electronic goods, home                 Indian requirements. Peace of mind lies
               security solutions need maintenance,             in the Made-in-India way.
               both preventive as well as reactive. As a
               security solutions customer, you need
               to know whether you will receive
               prompt and reliable after-sales service.
               This helps reduce the down-time of
               equipment. In the case of unbranded or
               cheaper products, there is the
               likelihood that spare parts may not be
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