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Reducing carbon emissions is

              about business continuity and not

              just CSR

               By Vikas Goswami, Head of the Godrej Group’s Good & Green programme

               Global warming is reality and so is the need to cut down on carbon emissions. Vikas
               Goswami, Head of the Godrej Group’s Good & Green programme, discusses why ecological
               sustainability has become more than just corporate social responsibility

               According to the World Bank, India is          achieving its pledge to the Paris
               emerging as a front runner in the global       Agreement.
               fight against climate change by                India has been in the midst of a
               consciously opting for solar power over        renewable energy revolution. The
               coal to fuel its growth. The World Bank’s      National Solar Mission target was
               recent news report in particular, lauded       upscaled to 100 gigawatts (GW) of
               the country for cancelling the installation    installed solar energy capacity by 2022,
               of 14 GW of coal-fired power plants,           which is five times more than its original
               given the affordability of generating          target of 20GW. Solar power prices
               electricity through solar power.
                                                              dropped to a record low of Rs 2.44 per
               This move by India, the world’s third          unit in May 2017. India is also heading
               largest consumer of electricity, is much       the International Solar Alliance of 121
               needed for more reasons than one.              nations to boost the use of solar energy in
               According to the Confederation of Indian       developing countries. The country is also
               Industry (CII), India is the fourth largest    making strides in other clean energy
               contributor of carbon emissions after          sources: it recently became the fourth
               China, the United States, and the              largest producer of wind energy in the
               European Union. The country releases           world.
               around 2.5 million kilotons of carbon
               dioxide emissions annually, which is
               around 6-7 percent of the overall global       Why sustainability matters /
               figure of 35 million kilotons.                 Sustainable development

                                                              The clean energy revolution is a welcome
                                                              shift with respect to sustainability.
               The clean energy revolution / The              Sustainability is about balancing the fine
               shift to a low carbon economy
                                                              line between economic development and
               In 2015, the government set new climate        protecting natural resources. Across the
               change targets at the Paris Climate            world, environmental sustainability has
               Accord and pledged to reduce its               been gaining momentum over the years,
               greenhouse gas emissions intensity by          and rightly so.
               33-35 percent by 2030, as compared to          Over the decades, three natural resources
               2005 levels. Two years later, the country      — water, energy and forests — have
               has made significant accomplishments in
                                                              been exploited. Recent events across the
                                                              world such as an increasing number of
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