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Another IT major, Wipro, has introduced        supplement their efforts in waste
               new virtualisation technologies across its     management.
               servers, which resulted in annual energy
               savings of nine million units. Twenty-
               three percent of its total office space        Being responsible
               energy consumption is also through             India’s industry is reaching a stage where
               renewable energy.                              the availability and quality of natural

               The Godrej Group too has been focusing         resources are becoming a bottleneck for
               on renewable energy. A mix of solar,           most businesses. Thus, being ecologically
               wind and biomass technologies, biogas          sensitive is no longer just about
               generation and open access power               corporate social responsibility, but
               procurement activities has not only            business continuity as well.  Being a
               increased its renewable energy portfolio       responsible company means meeting the
               to 50 percent, but also reduced the            customers’ needs while sustaining
               company’s carbon dioxide emissions by          natural resources responsibly. Protecting
               around 38 percent. Last year, Godrej also      the environment is clearly the need of the
               introduced supply chain sustainability         hour and effective cooperation between
               guidelines for its suppliers to manage         various stakeholders is the only way to
               carbon emissions across the value chain.       effectively do so.
               The company is focusing on extended
               producers’ responsibility and has
               collaborated with civic bodies to
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