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Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi               The Mahindra Group, for example,
               launched the mission in 2014, over               follows a zero-waste philosophy.
               42,000 wards across India have                   Through radical resource efficiency, it
               achieved 100 percent door-to-door                ensures waste is managed at every
               waste collection, while more than 31             stage in the hierarchy. The Group has
               lakh individual toilets and 1,15,786             also successfully implemented energy
               community and public toilets have been           self-reliance at the Mahindra World City
               constructed. Over 164,000 metric tons            in Chennai. Shuttle buses and street
               of waste was composted in 2016 alone.            lights at Mahindra World City are
               The mission has also given fillip to             powered by CNG which is produced at a
               innovative practices in waste                    Bio-CNG plant. The Group is also
               management such as waste-to-energy.              piloting GSM-enabled, solar-powered
               Six waste-to-energy plants have already          garbage compaction bins. These not
               been commissioned across the country.            only signal for a pick up when they are
               Current production, as per the Swachh            full, but also optimise the route of the
               Bharat Abhiyan statistics, is 88.4 MW.           waste collection vehicle.
               Some of the other innovative                     PepsiCo has collaborated with a non-
               technologies include plasma                      profit Exnora Green Pammal to collect
               gasification, biphasic biomethanation            waste from door-to-door in five cities
               and bio-stabilisation.                           and segregate the waste at source. As a
                                                                result, 80 per cent of the waste is
               While the mission has tasted success
               and provided the required impetus to             recycled and only 20 percent goes to
               find solutions for India’s solid waste           the landfill. While ACC Cement
               management woes, a lot still needs to            successfully tied up with a non-profit to
               be done.                                         launch an award-winning waste
                                                                management and cleanliness drive for
                                                                Madukkarai city in Tamil Nadu, ONGC

               Corporates collaborate to contribute             has partnered with a local NGO to
                                                                implement an ongoing solid waste
               The waste management challenge is too            management programme in
               big for the government alone to solve            Rameswaram.
               and its consequences are faced by the
               communities. It is the need of the hour
               for businesses to be involved and think          A collaborative effort
               about how they can collaborate and
               contribute. On one hand, corporates              Stree Mukti Sanghatana, a non-profit
               implement various measures to reduce,            organisation, has been running one
               reuse and recycle waste at their                 such urban community waste
               manufacturing plants. And on the other           management project, which it
               hand, they believe that waste                    implemented in 2016 with Godrej as a
               management is related to various                 corporate collaborator. The project
               dimensions of the overall environment            involves recycling dry waste in 25
               and needs greater engagement with the            colleges in Mumbai, along with building
               community. Thus, they adopt a public-            composting pits. Stree Mukti
               private partnership (PPP) approach to            Sanghatana and Godrej have also been
               handle solid waste management. One               working with the college
               effective way to promote the cause of            administration to raise awareness
               cleanliness is through the CSR                   among students and involve them in the
               programmes.                                      entire process. This initiative will help
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