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Paving the path                                  spend weekends at home with her
                                                                water scientist husband Rakesh Sharma
               Around 2010, the government woke up
               to the potential of CSR in bringing about        and solar engineer son Danish, who
               a social transformation. Dr. Goswami             also works in the renewable energy
               was among the 17 select experts                  space. “During the week, the colleagues
               appointed by the Ministry of Corporate           here in Mumbai are my family. We have
               Affairs to write the guidelines for a CSR        a great team that gets things off the
               framework. “The second draft was                 ground, allowing me to plan five years
               accepted for the National Voluntary              ahead,” says Dr. Goswami, adding that
               Guidelines, which subsequently formed            Godrej has a robust set of publicly-
               the outline for SEBI’s Business                  declared CSR goals. From the
               Responsibility Report for companies,”            commitment to train one million
               says Dr. Goswami, who is considered              unemployed and under-employed
               one of the country’s leading experts in          youth in skills that will enhance their
               the field of CSR. Just last year, the            earning potential, to making
               central government approached the                environmental sustainability a key part
               experts to update and rework the                 of the manufacturing process and value
               guidelines. “We matched the                      chain across the businesses, the
               framework with all the prevailing laws           Greener India Goal 2020 is clearly
               in the country, taking into account all          defined. “On the training front, we have
               the factors like economics, governance,          already trained almost 270,000 people
               etc.,” she shares, adding that one of the        through multiple programmes, with
               key recommendations is to bring in               200+ centres across the country,” says
               transparency in policy making. “As a             Dr. Goswami.
               corporate house or a stakeholder, if you
               are lobbying for a policy or change, it          Sustained development
               should be done in the open. There’s no
               place for saying one thing behind closed         Sustainability and meaningful impact
               doors and another in the public                  are at the core of Dr. Goswami’s – and
               domain,” says Dr. Goswami.                       the group’s - approach to CSR. Be it a
                                                                programme to combat malaria in nine
               The CSR champion feels that the new              districts of Madhya Pradesh in
               Companies Act 2013, which                        partnership with NGO partner Family
               recommends two per cent of average               Health International and the state
               net profit being spent on CSR, is a step         government, or an initiative to drought-
               in the right direction. “The good part is        proof semi-arid regions in the country,
               that the discussion has been taken to            the focus in always on mitigation and
               the Board level. It’s now a matter of            not just surface-level activity. “For
               time before it moves on from being just          instance, our programme for drought-
               about compliance and CSR gets the                prone regions has a 5-7 year
               attention that it deserves for its true          framework that aims to create multiple
               potential to be tapped,” she says.               sources of income for rural families. If a
                                                                farmer’s crop fails, he can earn from

               Growing with Godrej                              poultry, piggery or rearing goats, which
                                                                are considered as cash on hooves,” says
               The Delhi-based professional divides             Dr. Goswami.
               her time between the capital and her
               office in Mumbai. Meetings in the                Similarly, the skilling programmes for
               capital are scheduled in the beginning           women to be trained as beauticians has
               or end of the week so that she can               expanded into making them
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