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Beautypreneurs, having three sources             development sector. Prior to joining the
               of incomes – the salon services, selling         Godrej Group, she helped companies
               beauty products, and as training school          strategise on issues of corporate social
               for aspiring beauticians. “The                   responsibility and environment.
               programmes are linked to our                     Dr. Goswami was a member of the
               businesses – be it the consumer                  teams that drafted the Business
               products division or the agrovet                 Responsibility Report framework for
               division, but the focus of CSR is clearly        SEBI and the National Voluntary
               etched,” explains Dr. Goswami.
                                                                Guidelines for the Ministry of Corporate
               As Head of Godrej’s Good & Green                 Affairs, Government of India.
               initiative, Dr. Goswami drives the               She completed her Ph.D. in
               group's vision of creating a more                Anthropology from Delhi University
               employable workforce, building a                 and her M.Sc. in Development
               greener India and innovating for good            Management from University of Wales.
               and green products.

               She has over 21 years of experience in
               working with both, the corporate and
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