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which 500 million connect to the net             immense scope and opportunity for
               on their phones. India can take a page           inclusive growth of India’s farmer
               out of Egypt’s digital book where the            community – helping them see quicker
               government is promoting                          recovery of payments for their produce
               interoperable mobile wallets. These              by avoiding middle men and third
               wallets help millions of mobile users to         parties.
               pay utility bills, transfer funds, make
               payments both online and physically,             Progressing towards a new India
               and use ATMs all by just using their
               phones. In India, innovations like               For India to reap the maximum social
               BHIM, Adhaar Pay and BharatQR gives              dividends possible from its digital
                                                                mission, the country needs to reach out
               the government the same opportunity              to its unbanked millions with a clearly
               to catapult adoption of digital                  articulated offer – financial benefits,
               payments by offering different form              backed by easy access, better
               factors that cater to the challenges of          convenience and greater security. The
               the local market.                                need of the hour is collaboration
                                                                between the industry, the ecosystem
               Similarly, mobile based solutions for            including government and regulators
               remittances could work well in India,            to develop policy frameworks and
               which also sees high levels of foreign           solutions that spur the adoption of safe
               remittances to individuals. Even                 & secure, available, affordable and
               applications like 2Kuze used in Kenya            accessible digital payments- enabling
               is helping farmers buy, sell and receive         Bharat to grow and progress towards a
                                                                new India.
               payments for agricultural goods via
               their feature phones. This offer
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