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Infrastructure boost key driver for


               By Mr. Chander Agarwal, Managing Director, TCIEXPRESS

               This is a landmark Budget for the                One area where private investments
               Logistics industry. Just last year, the          can show huge results is the upgrading
               Logistics sector was accorded                    of dilapidated government and railway
               Infrastructure industry status and in            warehouses across the country. Modern
               this Budget, Infrastructure has been             warehouses will prevent wastage of
               earmarked as the Government’s key                produce, saving the country thousands
               growth engine. While significant                 of crores.
               budgetary allocations have been made
               for Infrastructure – and by extension
               for Logistics – the real game-changer is         Digital push
               the Government’s acknowledgement of              The initiative to set-up National
               the huge potential that Infrastructure           Logistics Portal as a single online
               has, to deliver diverse benefits – from          window to link all stakeholders will
               job creation and economic activity to            give a big digital push and streamline
               being an investment magnet and a big             the functioning of the Logistics sector.
               contributor to the nation’s GDP.                 Another significant allocation is the Rs.
               Infrastructure will be the country’s             2.4 lakh crore towards development of
               growth machinery, and Logistics will be          smart cities, which will push the need
               its core component, the DNA of growth.           for express companies like
                                                                TCIEXPRESS. The introduction of digital
                                                                payment models like pay-as-you-use
               Infra boom
                                                                system for toll payments will not only
               The Hon’ble Finance Minister has                 enable a cashless economy, but also
               introduced several important measures            bring in much-needed efficiency and
               to develop Infrastructure in the                 transparency in the business.
               country, and the allocation of Rs. 5.35
               lakh crore to develop 35,000km under
               phase-I of the Bharatmala road project           Logistics parks
               is one of the biggest provisions of the          The Budget’s main thrust has been on
               Budget. We also welcome other                    boosting the rural economy, and this
               important initiatives like the decision to       will also have an indirect positive
               boost the MSME sector by allocating Rs           impact on the Logistics sector. As rural
               3,794 crore in the form of capital               markets will grow in significance and
               support. With the Government                     purchasing power, and marketplace
               conveying its seriousness to develop             demands go up, a more efficient and
               Infrastructure, this will encourage              seamless logistics infrastructure that
               significant private investments from             meets these demands will deliver
               overseas as well as domestic players,            strong advantages to the economy.
               fulfilling the funding needs for the core
               projects.                                        This is where logistics parks can play a
                                                                game-changing role. By their nature,
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