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logistics parks can ease out the current         biggest boost that the Government has
               fragmented nature of logistics, helping          given through the upcoming Budget is
               industry move away from point-to-                by cutting regulatory barriers and
               point logistics towards the more                 offering a seamless, transparent digital
               efficient hub-and-spoke model. Aligned           platform that will ensure easy
               with the ‘one nation, one tax’ premise of        movement of goods and vehicles across
               GST, logistics parks will accelerate the         the country. Besides creating a level
               benefits of GST to both producers and            playing field, focused fiscal incentives
               consumers. The hub-and-spoke                     to encourage investments in specific
               approach will increase speed, cut costs          areas will allow the private sector to
               and create a smarter logistics network           contribute, consolidate and expand.
               in the country.                                  For a Government firm on reforms, the

                                                                concerted approach towards the
                                                                logistics sector demonstrated in this
               The way forward
                                                                Budget will yield big demographic as
               Setting up a dedicated Logistics                 well as economic dividends in the years
               Division under the Ministry of                   to come, ensuring the growth of India’s
               Commerce & Industry and granting                 logistics sector, and in effect, the
               infrastructure status to the logistics           nation’s GDP. Overall this is a very good
               industry is a move in the right                  budget for the Infrastructure and
               direction. Subsequent initiatives in             Logistics industry, and the initiatives
               easing GST rules and implementing                introduced in the Budget will redefine
               major infrastructure projects will               the benchmarks of the industry.
               further lift the logistics sector. But the
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