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the cusp of witnessing an amazing change         individual levels, we will adapt, accept and
               in the way we travel and commute.                utilize the new era of mobility.

               With its strong focus and alignment on
               pursuing EVs, the government has also
               provided a clear guideline to everyone in
               the sector. In such a positive climate, both
               internally and on the global high table, the
               onus is now squarely on automotive
               companies to push the envelope. Like we
               saw at Davos recently, the world is
               watching India and it’s time for Indian
               companies to take up the mantle of
               reshaping the future of personal and
               commercial mobility. As the world’s largest
               two-wheeler market and a top 5 four-
               wheeler market, India is a key stakeholder
               and will have to play a central role in
               developing and implementing the new age
               mobility solutions. From being a centre for
               new product development and low cost
               manufacturing, we need to emerge as the
               hub of innovation in future mobility future.

               I have always been a firm believer in the
               transformative power of technology, and I
               truly believe that all the mobility solutions
               in the future will be driven by technology
               and innovation. The challenge is not only to
               go electric, but go truly eco-friendly,
               making even existing operations as green
               as possible - from ensuring our
               manufacturing practices are eco-friendly,
               to ensuring the products operate in the
               greenest possible way. We, at Hero, have
               already set an example here. One of our
               manufacturing facilities in Rajasthan is
               known as the ‘Garden Factory’ for the
               number of eco-friendly measures it adopts.
               It is possibly the only ‘LEED Platinum-
               rated’ two-wheeler manufacturing plant in
               the world.

               I strongly feel the urgent need for a synergy
               between the existing industrial set-ups and
               new age technology start-ups to
               meaningfully drive the future. There are
               many new start-ups in India that are now
               trying to match global tech giants in
               developing and producing new solutions
               that will drive the next phase of mobility. I
               am confident that with efforts at the
               government level, industry level and
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