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Jumping on the Corporate Learning


              By Hemalakshmi Raju, Head - Learning & Development at Cipla

             Global corporations are realising the          connection between the people and the
             importance of creating a recognisable brand    organisation.
             for their Learning and Development
             portfolio. While branding is not new to the
                                                            Building a successful brand
             learning domain, we are seeing a strategic
             shift in the system; it is not just about      Simon Sinek, in his Golden Circles theory,
             branding independent interventions, but        speaks about asking the right questions to
             that of the overall agenda.                    run a successful business. In the learning and
                                                            development scenario, this concept can be
             To start with, it is important to understand   used to articulate the brand. Responses to
             and articulate why the organisation should
                                                            the questions why and what will evolve in a
             invest in learning, what value this brings to
                                                            collaborative manner with inputs from
             the table, and what problems it can solve.     business leaders. The brand must be aligned
             After these issues are broken down
                                                            to business strategies and be a business
             satisfactorily, interventions can come as a    enabler.
             means and of addressing the why and
             the what.                                      To build a successful learning brand,
                                                            organisations must identify senior leaders as
                                                            sponsors and ambassadors who will own the
             Why branding?
                                                            brand and talk about it, within the
             When we brand the learning and                 organisation and outside. When senior
             development portfolio, we infuse               leaders, the HR and the learning team talk
             enthusiasm and interest in learning. In        about the brand in a consistent and positive
             today’s digital world where information is     manner, it will come alive in people’s minds
             easily available, it is no longer enough to    and create the necessary impact.
             organise standalone training programmes.
                                                            The idea for #CiplaUniversity came about
             When employees learn specific skills
                                                            after much discussion between HR and
             required by the business, it helps them        senior leaders. Its intention is to be a key
             perform better at work, which in turn helps
                                                            business enabler and build capabilities
             them grow faster within the organisation.
                                                            needed for present and future. Efforts to
             Branding articulates this atmosphere of        brand and promote the same gives it an
             learning to employees, and strengthens the
                                                            instantly recognisable identity.
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