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and led to increased tax burden. GST
               has permitted this credit offset.
               To avail this benefit and to comply with
               all other requirements of the new tax
               regime, we had to re-engineer all
               internal processes. The new taxation
               system’s impact was not just limited to
               the Finance or Procurement or Sales
               functions. Functions like R&D, Travel
               Desk, Logistics, HR, and several others
               were bound to have a residual effect;
               hence each function was to be
               evaluated closely. A thorough
               understanding of the ‘as-is’ processes           We collaborated with our trade
               followed by ‘impact assessment’ paved            partners across the country, rallying
               the way for the next phase – the ‘to-be’         behind the entire value chain, to make
               stage. The IT teams worked closely and           sure the switch to GST was as smooth
               in synergy with every function for the           as possible. Allaying their fears, we
               system overhaul and every member                 offered compensation for their losses &
               involved in the rollout was thoroughly           other financial support, to ensure
               trained. All plans, efforts and                  availability of medicines to the patients
               preparations were directed at one                and general public is not impacted.
               single objective – Cipla was to be               Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity
               ready for GST on July 1.                         to acknowledge the efforts of team at

               Cipla’s journey for GST implementation           Cipla (Dinesh, Sneha, Rahul, Rupesh,
               was not only confined to the internal            Gagan, Siddharth, Mahesh, Pradeep,
               stakeholders, but extended to the entire         Sreejith, Pallavi, AN Ramesh, Jatin,
               pharmaceutical fraternity. As a                  Nihar, Girish, Srinath, Chintan,
               responsible organization, we                     Swapneel, Neelu, Gorakh, Shabbir,
               consistently strived to ensure that the          Saurabh, Shikha, Nidhi, Ramnath, Daljit,
               interests of patients & our trade                Nitin, Ankit, Tejashri, Pantha) and all
               partners are not adversely affected,             our partners who supported us – your
               whilst pursuing this complex transition          perseverance & grit has finally paid off
               to the new taxation system.                      and today we stand proud in the
                                                                industry – ready for GST – whilst
               From creating a dedicated GST-related            proudly upholding our legacy
               website ( and                  #CaringForLife
               conducting Webcast (attended by more
               than 1000 trade partners) to address
               concerns of our trade partners to
               deputing depot managers to interact
               with them personally, we were fast off
               the block.
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