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The explosive growth of technology and          While innovative new technologies must
             the numerous launches by established            always be welcomed, one should also
             players and newcomers is veritably              ensure that these do not make consumers
             causing confusion in the minds of ordinary      uncomfortable. At a time when gullible
             consumers, especially in India.                 customers have been ripped off by
                                                             fraudsters, one of the main concerns is
             Safety, security and stability are the sine
             qua non for the banking (and payments)          about the security of the new systems.
             sector anywhere in the world. The               Fintech should create convenience for
             proliferation of new payments                   consumers. Not confusion.
             technologies can bewilder consumers not
             just from the lower or middle-income            Consumers must be cautious of the
             segment, but even sophisticated and high-       “problem of plenty”
             end customers.
                                                             Another problem that I foresee, especially
             In India and elsewhere we’ve seen a spate       in the case of digital wallets, is of
             of new announcements relating to                consumers falling prey to offers. Many
             payments systems. Bitcoin-based                 consumers opt for wallets that are specific
             technologies (including blockchains), P2P       to a single service provider; once they buy
             (peer-to-peer) lending, digital wallets,        a product or service, they forget the small
             payments banks, unified payment                 sums that are left behind in the wallets.
             interface and so on.
                                                             Some consumers tend to open wallets on
                                                             the fly and possibly forget it after a while,
                                                             not realising that they’ve left behind
                                                             money. Chances are that if you open too
                                                             many digital wallets, you may leave small
                                                             amounts in them, but they add up to large
                                                             sums over a period of time.
                                                             This is comparable to a consumer opening
                                                             too many bank accounts and leaving
                                                             behind small sums. However, the
                                                             relationship with a bank is more durable.
                                                             It is also safer to open a bank wallet, as the
                                                             money will be within the eco-system and
                                                             the consumer will not possibly forget that
                                                             it is there.
                                                             So a word of caution to the average
                                                             consumer: be careful while taking to new
                                                             technologies; keep track of your money
                                                             (even small sums) and be sure that you
                                                             will use the payment system consistently.
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