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Planning a vacation? These smart

               tips will help you save some money

               By Kaushal Satam, Head - Loyalty Operations at JetPrivilege

                                                                dates for your onward and return
               While we may not have much control               journey.
               over our earnings, we can certainly
               choose how we spend or save it. The              Leverage technology to help you save
               right decisions can definitely help us
               earn a great incremental value in                Certain meta search engines can save
               proportion to the amount spent.                  you the bother of searching manually
                                                                on an ongoing basis for the best airfares
               Call it more bang for your bucks or              and hotel room rates. Once you opt for
               stretching your dollar, who doesn’t like         notifications, you will be intimated
               getting that free bowl on a box of               when the prices drop significantly.
               breakfast cereal?
                                                                Redeem your flying miles
               Loyalty programmes are all about
               getting more value for your money. Of            Some of the largest airline loyalty
               course, they are more holistic and go            programmes come with a plethora of
               much beyond freebies. So if your next            benefits which encourage you to spend
               holiday is around the corner, here’s a           wisely and save more, so if you have a
               fresh take on planning it, keeping in            co-branded card of an airline, this
               mind the objective of smartly reaping            would be the time to redeem your
               rich rewards.                                    rewards. Depending upon your tier, you
                                                                may get a discount on flight bookings or
               Opt for the off-season                           even a free ticket, discounts at partner
                                                                hotels and restaurants, dedicated
               If you plan to fly, travel costs generally       check-ins, excess baggage allowance,
               constitute the single largest component          access to airport lounges, priority
               of your holiday budget and can account           boarding, fees benefit on rescheduling
               for almost 30% of it. To work on                 dates, waivers on select seat charges
               bringing this expense down, plan well            and cancellation fees, and baggage
               in advance and choose off-season travel          tagging facility.
               dates for your destination, where you
               stand to save on both airfare as well as         Shop according to your baggage
               hotel room rates.                                allowance

               Be flexible with your travel dates               If you’re planning to indulge in
                                                                shopping when out on your holiday,
               Additionally, since airfares tend to vary        bear in mind that what you buy will add
               on a day-to-day basis, if you remain             to your luggage. Shop according to your
               flexible with your travel dates, you can         baggage allowance and weigh your
               save more by availing the lowest                 baggage at the hotel before you leave
               possible rates. You can do this simply           for the airport in order to avoid paying
               by checking various combinations of              for excess baggage.
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