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5 hacks to make your spends earn

               for you

               By Zameer Kochar, Head of Marketing & Member Engagement at JetPrivilege

                                                                   Given the choice, choose a card that
               “It’s not your salary that makes you rich,          has a lower spend threshold for
               it’s your spending habits” – Charles A              unlocking benefits and allows you to
               Jaffe” –  Former Chess Grand Master.                redeem your points, miles for
                                                                   rewards across multiple diverse
               The notion of earning while spending may            categories like flight tickets, hotel
               sound paradoxical but thankfully for                stays and shopping categories.
               customers, loyalty programmes have
               made earning and saving the norm when            2.  Choose aggregators and online
               spending. So the more you spend, the                hypermarkets
               more you earn, and the more you earn, the           Some of the largest multi-product
               more you save.                                      online shopping sites, also known as
                                                                   aggregators, run their own loyalty
               Let’s look at five simple ways how this             programmes. Some of them have
               can possibly happen. Hopefully, at the              expanded their services to include
               end of it, you will get a fair estimate of          telecom and utility bill payment
               the quantum of value – tangible as well             facilities. Your everyday spends can
               as intangible that you can possibly save            now get even more rewarding in the
               and earn.                                           form of cashback or earning a
                                                                   reward currency that over a period
               1.  Say yes to that co-brand card that              will accumulate basis all your
                   best serves your need                           transactions and translate into
                   Make a list of the products and                 upfront discounts and cashback into
                   services that you spend on                      your linked e-wallet.
                   frequently, to find the ideal co-
                   brand that best suits your spending          3.  Avail exclusive offers and deals
                   habits. If most of your expenses are            Basis your past transactions,
                   related to travel then a credit card            browsing behaviour and
                   associated with travel centric                  engagement displayed, few leading
                   service providers like airlines,                organizations strongly believe in
                   hotels and car rental partners will             rewarding customer loyalty and go
                   be most useful, as they will provide            that extra mile to create curated
                   a whole spectrum of benefits and                offers and deals just for you. It
                   privileges like lounge access, excess           therefore makes sense to be
                   baggage allowances, cabin upgrade,              associated with a few leading
                   dedicated check-in counters and                 loyalty programmes that over a
                   discount vouchers.  Likewise, if you            period will understand you better
                   are looking for a card that helps you           and create exclusive offer and deal
                   earn maximum points, get                        packages suiting your requirements.
                   maximum cash back or having a no                A great deal on your favourite brand
                   annual fee, then your hunt for the              or restaurant can get you a great
                   perfect card would vary accordingly.            deal with high savings and
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