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feel of the incentives that fuel the desire      Reputation boost
               of their customers, and those that don’t.
                                                                Well-designed loyalty programmes have a
                                                                positive rub-off on the brand. With
                                                                increased engagement, customers look at
                                                                it more favourably than before.

                                                                With benefits are huge as these, there’s
                                                                virtually no reason why businesses should
                                                                shy away from designing a loyalty
                                                                programme for their customers. After all,
                                                                the rewards are enjoyed mutually.

                                                                Since the success of a good loyalty
                                                                programme is parallel to tracking of
                                                                consumer behaviour with the brand and
                                                                understanding their level of engagement,
                                                                technology plays a major role in the entire
                                                                process. The whole system involved can
                                                                be very complex and hence requires great
                                                                investment in advanced technology, data
                                                                analysis, modelling and liability
                                                                management. Will highlight these areas in
                                                                detail in my next article.
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