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Digital Twins: Driving unprecedented

               efficiencies in Industry 4.0

               By Sunil Mathur, MD and CEO, Siemens India

                                                                With time to market for a new product or
                                                                process spiralling down to half, the cost of
                                                                development reducing to a mere fraction,
                                                                production systems getting 30% speedier
                                                                and 25% more efficient, and downtimes
                                                                almost tending towards zero, it may seem
                                                                like any manufacturer's dream come true.
                                                                Only, it isn't wishful thinking. It's the new
                                                                norm in Industry 4.0 made possible by the
                                                                revolutionary practice of digital twinning.

                                                                India gearing up for change and the
                                                                digital relevance

                                                                For India, the next decade of
                                                                manufacturing will focus on adopting
                                                                cognitive solutions that infuse intelligence
                                                                into all processes- from a factory's floor to
                                                                the finished product. The thrust is upon
                                                                the manufacturing sector to grow its
                                                                contribution from 15% to 25% of the
                                                                country's GDP. SMEs in India, which
                                                                have a share of 40% in the industrial
                                                                production and employ close to 36 million
                                                                people, can play a defining role in
                                                                Industry 4.0.

                                                                One can maximize the potential with
                                                                Digitalisation to enhance efficiency to
                                                                fight scale, reduce the cost of production,
                                                                minimise manufacturing defects, and
                                                                shorten production time. Leveraging the
                                                                full might of cutting-edge digital
                                                                technologies, digital twins virtually mimic
                                                                plant and factory products and processes.

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                                                                4.0 is becoming an imperative

                                                                In the product development cycle,
                                                                manufacturers can virtually design,
                                                                develop and test products with a high
                                                                degree of precision, satisfying all
                                                                parameters that matter. It's like a dry run
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