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production lines. By familiarising               This saves time and lays the groundwork
               themselves with the application of digital       for customised mass production, since
               twins, both SMEs and large organisations         even highly complex production routes
               can integrate their engineering and              can be calculated, tested, and programmed
               operations functions and realise these time      with minimal cost and effort in a short
               and cost efficiencies.                           span of time, helping manufacturers meet
                                                                their customers' requirements.
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               revolution generating?                           Harnessing the power of digital twin
                                                                technology, SMEs in India can ramp up,
               Industries and verticals looking to the          upgrade and adopt new designs and
               future with digital twins                        components much faster to stay aligned
                                                                with the needs of OEMs. To realise this
               Today digital twins serve a wide range of        value, India will need to build an
               industry sectors including automotive,           ecosystem of tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3
               food and beverages, pharmaceuticals,             suppliers that bring a high level of
               power utilities, transportation & logistics,     efficiency, flexibility and quality focus to
               aerospace & defence, and data centres, to        the table.
               name a few.
                                                                While IDC's earlier prediction seems to
               For example, the shop floor of a                 have come true that by 2018, companies
               pharmaceutical company works with                who invest in digital twin technology will
               high-end machines that need the highest          see a 30% improvement in cycle times of
               level of precision and functionality for         critical processes, it primarily is the
               optimal performance. There is almost no          adoption rate of this technology that will
               room for error here. A digital factory           determine if this can have a cascading
               representing this entire process of drug         effect on industries and the economy in
               manufacturing would provide a plethora           general. With the benefits of adoption far
               of vital information about the current           outweighing the risks and consequences
               performance levels of these machines, and        of living without it, it is only a matter of
               help predict errors and failures in advance,     time before its use is implemented across
               thereby saving the huge cost of having to        functions and verticals in businesses.
               deal with a fault unprepared.
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