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Indian Industry Can Lead The Way In

               Water Conservation

              By Ramnath Vaidyanathan, General Manager, Sustainability, Good and Green,
              Godrej Industries

                                                                India Inc, supported by the government,
                                                                can lead the way to maximise availability
                                                                and reduce consumption of water as well
                                                                as encourage a water-frugal lifestyle

                                                                Chennai, the sixth-largest city in India and
                                                                home to a population of over four million,
                                                                made headlines recently, as the metropolis
                                                                perilously veered on the brink of a major
                                                                water crisis. With all the four reservoirs
                                                                that supply water to the city having gone
                                                                dry, it triggered a humanitarian crisis
                                                                requiring emergency measures which
                                                                included water being transported to the
                                                                water-starved city on trains.

                                                                However, Chennai isn’t alone in its crisis.
                                                                Several parts of the country are staring at
                                                                water scarcity, at a scale and severity that
                                                                has never been witnessed before. As
                                                                shocking as this is, it shouldn’t come as
                                                                much of a surprise. After all, India is
                                                                among the world’s most water-stressed

                                                                According to the World Bank, India had
                                                                3,000–4,000 cubic meters of water per
                                                                person in 1950, which has fallen to around
                                                                1,000 cubic meters per person today,
                                                                largely due to population growth and
                                                                increase in consumption patterns.

                                                                Growing competition over finite water
                                                                resources, compounded by climate
                                                                change, will have serious implications for
                                                                India’s food security, the livelihoods of its

                                                                farmers and for overall economic
                                                                development. In short, India is staring at

                                                                an apocalypse triggered by water scarcity.
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