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Artificial Intelligence is redefining the

               Indian mobile phone market

            By Nipun Maria, Director, Brand Strategy, Vivo India

                                                                There was a time when the word ‘smart’
                                                                in a smartphone used to indicate a mobile
                                                                phone that offered internet-based services.
                                                                As internet penetration increased,
                                                                smartphones gained popularity and started
                                                                the demand curve for features, user
                                                                interface, cameras, connectivity, memory,
                                                                battery, and so on. For smartphone
                                                                players, this opened the doors for
                                                                innovation and adaptation of advanced
                                                                technologies to compete in the fast-
                                                                evolving internet-connected lifestyle of
                                                                consumers; thus giving rise to

                                                                By 2020, India’s online community is
                                                                projected to swell past 700 million —
                                                                about the combined populations of
                                                                Nigeria, Brazil, and the United States.
                                                                This phenomenal growth of internet
                                                                accessibility has revolutionized the way
                                                                we think of a smartphone today. In
                                                                coming times, with the introduction of
                                                                IoT, and AI learning, a smartphone will be
                                                                a gadget that controls almost everything
                                                                around us. That’s when the smartphone
                                                                will become INTELLIGENT.

                                                                The growing presence of AI in human
                                                                AI is indeed taking the market by storm.
                                                                With the advent of AI and its growing
                                                                inception in our technology-led
                                                                environment, smartphone applications
                                                                have come to the forefront. With India
                                                                being the world’s fastest-growing market
                                                                for mobile applications, the app
                                                                ecosystem is evolving like never before --
                                                                from being mere extensions of business
                                                                services to intelligent end-user
                                                                applications - capable of making decisions
                                                                and predicting behaviour. AI is already a
                                                                part of our daily live. When using a
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