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smartphone, we interact with AI-enabled          As discussed earlier, the rise of internet-
               features from built-in smart assistants to       connected devices has led smartphone
               numerous features in-camera. When using          players to focus on AI integration in their
               social media or search engines, the              devices. From cameras that can
               newsfeed on a timeline, advertisement            automatically detect a scene and adjust the
               pop-ups and notifications are curated            white balance and saturation level
               based on our own search history that was         automatically (to name a few), to a user
               fed through AI capabilities of the device.       interface that can optimise the phone’s
               More such common examples are video              performance when playing a game, AI is
               recommendations on YouTube, Netflix,             the need of the hour. Smartphone players
               expense tracking apps such as ET Money,          have no option but to shift their
               GPS navigation using Google Maps,                innovation focus towards differentiating
               voice-enabled smart devices like Alexa,          AI-enabled features.
               Google Smart Home or Siri and so on.
                                                                Researchers believe there will be a
               By 2025, Servion Global Solutions                remarkable shift in adoption with
               estimates that AI will power 95 percent of       smartphones getting smarter with AI.
               all customer interactions. This, of course,      According to Counterpoint, three out of
               includes live telephonic conversations,          four smartphones are forecasted to have
               digital and online communications that           dedicated AI processors by the end of
               will supposedly mimic human behaviour            2022. The research also projects that sales
               to the extent that users will find it hard to    of AI smartphones will increase to 1,250
               ‘spot the bot.’ By 2020, 50 percent of all       million units in 2022 from 190 million in
               searches will be ‘voice searches,’               2018.
               signifying a compelling shift from text to
               AI-based voice commands.                         The all-new 5G experience – future of
                                                                artificial intelligent smartphones
               Changing expectations for smartphones            Generation Z is always on the move with
               New AI-enhanced apps and the smooth              the constant requirement of connectivity
               customized functionality they offer are          with their friends and family via social
               getting mainstreamed into the very               media; which needs a better and faster
               technology that is deployed in designing         network. The rollout of the 5G network
               these phones. This trend makes it                technology is on the anvil, and this
               imperative for mobile manufacturers to           arguably will be the most defining mobile
               focus on investments and provide AI-led          technology ever, poised to change the AI
               features; that meet continually evolving         landscape altogether. ‘Faster’ and ‘more
               consumer expectations. In fact, in some          intelligent’ are going to be the buzzwords
               respects, the focus on hardware has              associated with the new applications that
               plateaued in comparison, with AI                 will run on the 5G platform. 5G enabled
               becoming the bellwether of mobile app            devices will boost innovations that could
               technology.                                      potentially change our lives dramatically
                                                                by adding dimensions to network
               Users today are more and more                    performance. Also, sectors such as
               comfortable with genuinely ‘smart’               automobiles, healthcare, technology; and
               smartphones, and that trend defines the          inventions in products and services will
               strategic importance that AI brings to the       revolutionize with 5G digital connectivity
               Indian mobile market.                            and automation of tasks by AI. Let’s take
                                                                automotive; which is one of the most
               A tectonic shift to the ’SMARTER’                high-tech industries in the world; for
               smartphone                                       instance. AI is accelerating the automotive
                                                                transformation and the most significant,
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