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most curiously awaited revolutionary             Redefining smartphone experience
               innovation is ‘self-driving cars’. We            Mobile phone usage has always been
               already see a self-parking feature in some       central to ‘experience’. With the addition
               of the cars in India. Driven by step-by-         of smart features, apps; and technology,
               step innovative inventions in the industry,      consumers have witnessed a tangible shift
               automobile companies have started taking         in the way they use phones today. As
               a mature approach to AI deployment. This         smartphones become smarter, the demand
               is being equally witnessed in the                for AI embedded features will increase
               healthcare sector. With medical science          multifold to navigate the entire ecosystem
               becoming advanced in treating illness,           of connectivity. A simple handheld device
               adopting to robotics for faster production       could be as powerful and intelligent to
               and increased efficiency; artificial             identify, connect; and operate almost
               intelligence goes hand-in-hand with the          every equipment a customer interacts
               digital revolution.                              with. Voice-enabled devices such as
                                                                Alexa, Google home assistant are already
               With 5G coming in, we will have                  offering smarter control to the users. In
               impressive network speed anytime                 the coming years, smartphone
               anywhere such as – in a moving car,              manufacturers will be faced with even
               underground metros and crowded places            bigger demands from consumers to
               (where network gets shared). The                 introduce products that provide advanced
               amalgamation of disruptive technologies          AI capabilities. Innovation will play a
               is set to impact global economies leaps          crucial role for players in the industry to
               and bounds, and the smartphone sector            sustain consumer mindshare in a fast-
               will empower these advancements in the           paced market like ours.
               coming years.
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