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Marketing in Techade | 5 Key takeaways

               from NTLF 2020

               By Roshni Das, Marketing Director, Intel, India

                                                                The salience of India’s changing tech
                                                                landscape formed the central pillar at the
                                                                recent NASSCOM Technology &
                                                                Leadership Forum 2020, which led with
                                                                the theme of ‘Tech in 20s: Coming of
                                                                Age’. I recently had the opportunity to
                                                                listen to the distilled wisdom of several
                                                                tech evangelists from across the world as
                                                                we enter the Techade (a term introduced
                                                                by NASSCOM at NTLF; talks about the
                                                                new decade powered by technological
                                                                advancements and growth).

                                                                Here are my 5 takeaways from the event
                                                                that bear directly on the future of
                                                                marketing as India moves rapidly down
                                                                the digital highway:

                                                                1. The battle to win consumer trust.
                                                                The big T that enterprises will have to
                                                                deal with is not just Technology and
                                                                Transformation, but also Trust. This was
                                                                the key theme of the session, ‘Is “Trust” at
                                                                stake in the all-Digital Era’, which
                                                                included panelists like Fidelity’s Head of
                                                                Technology Stuart Warner, Capgemini
                                                                India’s CEO Ashwin Yardi and Harsha
                                                                V Agadi, President and CEO of Crawford
                                                                & Company. As technology enables new
                                                                formats for human connect, trust deficit
                                                                starts to play a big role, more so against
                                                                the backdrop of fake news, social media
                                                                explosion and social activism.
                                                                Increasingly, businesses need to manage
                                                                digital reputations as word-of-mouth
                                                                moves not at the speed of sound but the e-
                                                                speed of light. Take the significance of
                                                                trust in the Airbnb model, where
                                                                transactional decisions are based on trust
                                                                in the comments posted by users, even as
                                                                owners entrust their homes to strangers.
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