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5. The partnership with                          content consumption compared to
               Entertainment.                                   subscription-based models,” he said.
               The combination of India’s consumption           The disruption in the entertainment
               base and affordable data plans has led to        business -- which is seeing a wide range
               an explosion in entertainment                    of business models from subscription-
               consumption, and -- as a direct                  based to micro-purchases -- has huge
               consequence of this -- content creation.         ramifications for marketing. Identifying
               From TikTok shorts to OTT channels,              and connecting with target audiences is
               India is consuming content at                    going to be the challenge of tomorrow.
               unprecedented levels. Neeraj Roy,                And this is just one of the many
               founder and CEO of Hungama mentioned             challenges that will crop up as India rides
               in the session ‘Future of entertainment:         the tech train into the 2020s. These are
               Who will lead the war of content creation,       exciting times as we see further
               consumption & monetization?’ that in five        convergence of Marketing and
               years, India will have over 500 million          Technology to deliver innovative
               connected users consuming content, a             solutions for the consistently evolving
               huge business opportunity for the media          customers. How do you think Marketing
               industry. “Micro transactions to watch           would evolve in the Techade? Would love
               content would be prime drivers of                to hear your thoughts on this
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