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How CIOs and CDOs can make a

               difference in this crisis, and beyond

               By Ketan Phanse

                                                                Through the unfolding effects of
                                                                the Covid-19 pandemic, restoring business
                                                                continuity is not going to be easy.
                                                                Addressing all stakeholders will require a
                                                                whole new level of ingenuity and
                                                                resourcefulness for business organisations
                                                                to bounce back, and get business going.

                                                                Additionally, staying at home has brought
                                                                about significant transformations in
                                                                consumer behaviour and habits. These
                                                                will have a lasting impression on the
                                                                current and future generation. In order to
                                                                stay relevant even post-Covid-19, brands
                                                                will therefore will need to reinvent and
                                                                revamp their strategies.

                                                                It is reasonably evident that technology
                                                                and digital platforms will be at the heart
                                                                of this transformative strategy. In the near
                                                                term, digital interventions will be key to
                                                                ensure both cost optimization and
                                                                customer engagement. Some of these will
                                                                even determine how businesses will
                                                                operate and engage with consumers over
                                                                the next few years.

                                                                Through this transition, CIOs and CDOs
                                                                will have a unique opportunity to be
                                                                creative, while being extremely frugal.
                                                                Here are some of the measures they can

                                                                No transactions? Work on engagement
                                                                Even if your business transactions and
                                                                bookings are suspended for now, you can
                                                                still focus on keeping customers and app
                                                                users engaged. Games, contests and
                                                                various other interactive tools are some of
                                                                the ways for brands to ensure quick wins

                                                                through the crisis. However, these need to
                                                                be backed by a strong customer value
                                                                proposition to deliver any benefits.
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