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to keep the business running and                 successfully helping their companies and
               profitable. With their lives and work            people navigate this crisis to come out
               habits shaken up by the disruptive effects       stronger and more agile, they will
               of the crisis, it is vital to stay in touch      establish themselves as not just
               through periodic digital surveys and town        technology experts but as change agents
               halls to gauge their physical and                for the future.
               emotional health. Offering flexibility
               during this difficult time will help them        The author is Vice President - Information
               balance the demands of their home and            & Digital Technology, InterMiles.
               family and improve work productivity.
                                                                DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are
               The role of CIOs and CDOs has become             solely of the author and does
               increasingly critical to business strategy       not necessarily subscribe to it.
               over the years. But now, more than ever, shall not be responsible for
               they must rise to the unique challenges          any damage caused to any
               posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in                person/organisation directly or indirectly
               demonstrating leadership and vision. In
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