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Strong Sustainability Practices Help Fight

               Pandemics Better

               By Ramnath Vaidyanathan, General Manager, Sustainability, Godrej Industries

                                                                The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-
                                                                opener in many ways. While it exposed
                                                                the devastating economic impact that a
                                                                global health crisis can have, it has also
                                                                highlighted how closely the world ecology
                                                                and industry is inter-connected in today’s
                                                                day and age. The virus that brought trade
                                                                and industry to a virtual halt was the
                                                                direct consequence of the destruction of
                                                                natural habitats.

                                                                There was a silver-lining of the pandemic
                                                                as people from around the world shared
                                                                heart-warming images of the return of
                                                                wildlife to habitats. However, the
                                                                pandemic is too steep a price to pay to
                                                                recover biodiversity. And as life slowly
                                                                limps back to some sort of normalcy, we
                                                                need to ensure that all the environmental
                                                                gains we made during this period are not
                                                                lost in the rush to get back to “normal”.

                                                                A Wake-up Call

                                                                For businesses, there have been several
                                                                key takeaways from this entire episode.
                                                                The biggest one is the realisation
                                                                that many operations, which we
                                                                previously thought could not be done
                                                                remotely, can be managed digitally.
                                                                Automation has come to the rescue and
                                                                our factories are running more optimally,
                                                                and we are working remotely without
                                                                much loss of productivity. Logistics,
                                                                especially the supply chain for both raw
                                                                material and finished goods, have also
                                                                been highly optimised.
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