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Within sectors, some businesses have             since the cost of adaptation is cheaper
               been collaborating to combine their              than the cost of mitigating
               supply chain or are leveraging each              emissions. Accelerating the adoption of
               other’s to ultimately benefit the consumer       renewable energy will also help
               and themselves. There were also                  companies reduce their dependence on
               several innovative logistics solutions that      fossil fuels.
               cropped up during this lockdown period.
               For instance, when last mile delivery            The other measure that companies must
               proved a challenge, Godrej Consumer              undertake to reduce their emissions is to
               Products Limited tied up with Swiggy to          strengthen their monitoring systems. This
               deliver sanitisers and soaps to grocers and      is one of the initiatives
               other shops!
                                                                under Godrej’s Good & Green
                                                                sustainability programme, which has
               All these examples of operations being           helped us successfully reduce our specific
               managed differently show how businesses          carbon emissions by more than 55% from
               could function without expending carbon          the baseline. We have digitised our
               the way we used to. According to a study         monitoring systems, which enables us to
               conducted by the UK-based journal                solve issues on a real-time basis instead of
               National Climate Change, India’s carbon          relying on a post mortem.
               emissions dropped by 26% in early
               April. This pandemic, thus, has been an          Plastic packaging is the next area that
               unwelcome but effective prod to industry         companies need to focus on. While there
               to completely revise the way we think            is a lot of talk about banning plastics, it’s
               about production, manufacturing and even         important to understand that this wonder
               the way we work.
                                                                material by itself is not a problem. The
                                                                real issue is in the circularity of plastic:
                                                                it is being dumped in landfills instead of
               Reprioritisation of Sustainability               being brought back into the ecosystem to
                                                                be recycled. There is no dearth of
               There is a school of thought that                technologies to recycle plastic; the
               sustainability and environment targets           roadblock lies in efficient models for
               may get sacrificed in the effort to regain       collection and segregation.
               margins. But aside from that, efforts
               towards sustainability have actually been
               accelerating. Businesses have realised that      A better way to tackle this problem would
               they will face several climate-related           be to pinpoint gaps in the value chain. For
               emergencies over the next two decades,           instance, organising and empowering the
               for which they need to be prepared. Many         informal sector of waste workers to safely
               companies are revisiting their                   work in plastic recovery may boost
               dependence on fossil fuels, their water          livelihood opportunities. Increasing
               consumption, resource usage and                  efficiencies in plastic recycling will
               emissions.                                       reduce consumption of virgin plastic,
                                                                which ultimately translates into lesser
               The need of the hour is to put an actual
               price on both the carbon and water that
               businesses consume. Since there is no            Time for Introspection
               national carbon price, companies should
               set a notional one internally and include it     A lull in consumption and a shortfall in
               in their product cost. This accelerates the      production are the main issues businesses
               pace of adoption of green technology,
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