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How Uncertain Times Have Ushered In A

               New Digital Era

               By Zameer Kochar, VP – Marketing & Member Engagement, InterMiles

                                                                Indians have clocked almost four
                                                                hours per week per person on
                                                                video-on-demand, and searches for
                                                                “best movies” have increased by
                                                                35% on YouTube, in the report by
                                                                Think with Google.

                                                                The past few months have been
                                                                exceedingly challenging, overhauling the
                                                                very mechanics of our lives and
                                                                transforming it in every possible manner –
                                                                right from the way we work, learn and
                                                                communicate, to the way we shop, pursue
                                                                wellness and derive entertainment.
                                                                Notwithstanding this, our zest for life as
                                                                consumers has impelled us to swiftly
                                                                embrace new technology and adopt new
                                                                behaviours for our survival, proving that
                                                                the human spirit is indomitable and
                                                                capable of surpassing what once were
                                                                regarded to be conventional limitations,
                                                                that defined the boundaries of the sundry
                                                                facets of our existence.

                                                                In the meantime, life through intermittent
                                                                lockdowns and restrictions has been far
                                                                from endearing, and consumers across age
                                                                segments have found a new oasis of life in
                                                                the digital world. With many brick-and-
                                                                mortar stores remaining shuttered, the
                                                                consumer’s adoption towards usage of
                                                                digital channels has accelerated,
                                                                registering a 47% uptick in data usage as
                                                                per OpenVault's Broadband Insights
                                                                Report. Accustomed to the ‘anything,
                                                                anywhere and on-demand’ trend in need-
                                                                fulfilment, the Indian consumer is
                                                                undergoing a pronounced transition,
                                                                gravitating towards a hassle-free,
                                                                convenient lifestyle. In a nutshell, the
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