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ongoing crisis, through which consumers          With close to 1.1 billion children in 107
               are seeking agile ways of working, has           countries affected by school closures
               orchestrated a new cadence in life while         according to Unesco’s assessment, people
               setting several ecosystem-level changes in       are opting for online learning, and there is
               motion. Think with Google has stated that        a rise in enrolments in courses related to
               this is corroborated through growth in           telecommuting (21,598%), virtual teams
               online searches for daily essentials,            (1,523%), decision-making (277%), self-
               grocery delivery, medical consultation,          discipline (237%), stress management
               movie streaming, online trading                  (235%), technical drawing (920%), and
               platforms, and several other needs.              also for learning to play the ukulele
                                                                (292%). The count of Indians enrolling for
               Shopping in e-carts                              business fundamentals has risen to 281%
                                                                while that for communication skills is
               As the global pandemic marks a tipping           606%. Taking cue from this trend,
               point for adoption of e-commerce and             Harvard University has offered 67 new
               mobile commerce platforms, online                online courses to students for free during
               searches, for example, for “pharmacy near        the lockdown.
               me” (+58%) and “grocery delivery near
               me” (+550%), among others, have seen a           A high note in entertainment
               substantial surge. According to a survey
               by National Retail Federation in India, 9        The ongoing crisis has catalysed the
               out of every 10 consumers have changed           growth of over-the-top (OTT platforms) –
               their traditional shopping habits, and more      streaming media services offered directly
               than 50% of them have ordered products           to viewers via the internet. According to a
               online that they would have normally             study by BARC, amid the lockdown, 2.3
               purchased at a store. A study by Facebook        million new members joined Netflix,
               and Boston Consulting Group reveals that         pushing the company’s total revenue to
               India shows the highest surge in                 $5.77 billion, up from $4.52 billion.
               preference for e-commerce, amongst other         Furthermore, Hotstar has seen 300 million
               top nations such as China, Brazil,               active users and over 400 million
               Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.             downloads as against 150 million active
               Furthermore, consumers are more mindful          users and 350 million downloads just
               of what they are buying; there is a              before the lockdown. The need for
               growing desire to shop local, and some           entertainment among consumers is yet
               are also making deep cuts. Keeping safety        there, just the means to fulfil that need has
               in mind, consumers are adopting many             changed. Indians are using the latest in
               digital and contactless services including       streaming and video conferencing
               curb side deliveries and drive-through           technology to go on online dates and host
               services. Industry estimates suggest that        virtual streaming parties. Indians have
               while the gross merchandise value (GMV)          clocked almost four hours per week per
               for India’s e-commerce industry is yet to        person on video-on-demand, and searches
               recover fully, order volumes have reached        for “best movies” have increased by 35%
               close to 90% of the pre-crisis levels.           on YouTube, in the report by Think with
               Consumers are seeking convenience from           Google.
               products and brands that simplify their
               lives as well which are aligned with their       Home workouts that are making gyms
               personal values.                                 sweat

               A new peak in online learning and                With stay-at-home measures in place,
               skilling                                         fitness coaches such as pro-bodybuilders,
                                                                cross fitters and Zumba and yoga
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