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instructors promptly began practice at           patients were first-time telemedicine
               home and started conducting online               users, and about 44% of them were from
               classes for their clients during the             non-metro cities.
               lockdown period. Topics such as pilates
               have seen a manifold increase in search          Final thoughts
               volumes, and with online classes being
               location agnostic, customers of fitness          The pall of uncertainty seems to have cast
               centres are joining virtual livestream           its shadow across the globe, and few
               classes hosted by fitness studios in other       consumers expect to go back to their old
               cities. With restrictions easing, sale of        behaviours any time soon. The new habits
               yoga equipment too has registered                formed are expected to endure beyond the
               exponential growth                               crisis, permanently changing what they
                                                                value, how and where they shop, and how
               Moving the needle in telemedicine                they live and work. Consumers in fact are
                                                                willing to change their purchasing habits
               Telemedicine has witnessed a huge surge          to help reduce negative environmental
               in adoption during the ongoing crisis, with      impact. They are willing to have higher
               wearables playing a key role in                  engagement with brands that they can
               diagnostics. Several patients are                trust and are willing to pay a premium if
               monitoring themselves on a regular basis         required. Consumers show greater
               to measure certain vital signs. According        preference for all things that feel local and
               to online consultation portal Practo, e-         their safety benchmark makes them prefer
               consultation for health care has increased       no-touch technologies that involve
               by 500% between March and May 2020.              payments without signing, the elimination
               During the period, about five crore              of door handles, and touch-less faucets in
               Indians have accessed health care online,        washrooms. Businesses will need to take
               with an average frequency of two online          immediate cognizance of these rapidly-
               doctor consultations per month per user.         evolving trends in order to thrive and stay
               According to the analysis, 80% of these          relevant.
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