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How sustainability of work from home

               will shape workplaces of the future

               By Nayela Mulla, Head - Human Resources, InterMiles

                                                                Covid-19 has put various sectors
                                                                and industries in a reset or restart
                                                                mode, and has emerged a catalytic
                                                                force in altering the work culture,
                                                                inspiring HR leaders to reimagine
                                                                the future of work.

                                                                Covid-19 has proven to be a major
                                                                black swan event with a transformative
                                                                impact on everything – from countries
                                                                and industries, to organisations and
                                                                individuals. Rapid spread of the
                                                                pandemic and the resultant lockdown
                                                                virtually necessitated an overnight
                                                                switch to a work-from-home paradigm,
                                                                not only altering lives and lifestyles of
                                                                workers, but also redefining the
                                                                benchmarks of human resource
                                                                management for organisations. This
                                                                event thus has set a completely new
                                                                precedent that will have a definitive
                                                                and lasting impact on the future of
                                                                work, along with the evolution of the

                                                                Even as economies around the world
                                                                are adapting to the new normal and
                                                                lockdowns are being eased, employee
                                                                readiness to return to the workplace
                                                                still remains very low. A recent Gartner
                                                                HR Survey revealed that 41% of
                                                                employees are likely to work remotely
                                                                at least for some time even after the
                                                                pandemic, and it is widely anticipated
                                                                that some jobs may permanently move
                                                                out-of-office to remote workstations.
                                                                For individual workers, working-from-
                                                                home is not just a safety imperative, but
                                                                also brings along additional benefits
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